bitcoinsLot of peoples knows that Bitcoins wallet is payment system, but all of them have an information about others important thins, which ar related with Bitcoins. When we are speaking about Bitcoins, we must to have an information about transactions and security also. So,   in this article you can find more information about that.


All transactions of Bitcoin, are completed in 3 – 10 minutes. So, as you see, send money to another part of world, can be shortest action than make a cup of tea. It important to say a few word and about fees of transactions. One of the most important thing is that, most transactions are processed without any fees – it is a very good new for everyone, who wants to save not only time, but and money. Despite of it, lot of Bitcoin users are encouraged to pay a small voluntary fee.


This system – one of the most safest payment system in the world. So, it is doesn‘t matter what is an amount of your money – even is it very big, you can be calm – your money is safe.