Houzez is a professional WordPress theme designed for real estate agents and companies. Engage visitors and potential clients with custom Visual Composer modules, header options, different listings and property templates.

This is not a theme that only takes care of the front of a real estate business. This is also a WordPress-based property management system which allows you to own and maintain a real estate marketplace, coordinate your agents, accept submissions and offer membership packages.

Get more calls, schedule more viewings and earn more commissions – Houzez was built with your conversions in mind.

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Houzez v1.2.5 – Released on July 25, 2016

[Fixed] Fatal error when houzez theme deactivate but houzez-theme-functionality plugin activated
[Fixed] Propert share email option added property link in email body
[Fixed] Add new property from front-end auto agent selection
[Fixed] Submitted Listings Should be Approved by Admin” is not functioning when disabled for membership option
[Fixed] Free membership listings allow to add listings after limit end.
[Fixed] Adding a property without registering should decrease the allowable limit automatically when the user login into his account.
[Fixed] Team member shortcode custom link
[Fixed] Added missing translation strings
[Fixed] Advanced search widget all status not working.
[Fixed] Property submit without login hide fields were not working
[Fixed] Theme options for Create Listing button, now login requirement can be added.

Houzez v1.2.4 – Released on July 19, 2016

[New] Multi Unit / Sub Listings, now a property can have unlimited sub properties.
[New] Blank Page Template – for complete freedom with Visual Composer and creating full landing pages with Slider Revolution and Visual Composer.
[New] Advanced search ajax search with google map
[New] Advanced search cities and area dropdown connect, area dropdown now populate according to city.
[New] Price slide option for advanced search
[New] Different price range for price slider for For Rent and For Sale property status
[New] Half Map listing page advanced search now work with ajax
[New] Ability to show/hide advanced search fields
[New] restrict property document download only for registered users
[New] how many months/days the listing will be online for the price paid ( for per listings mode )
[New] Listing Duration – Admin can set the listing duration for one listing, for example one listing cost $20 and it will publish for 3 months
[New] Featured property label color theme options
[New] Property status taxonomy ( for sale, for rent etc ) color options
[New] Ability to make sub-menu background color transparent
[New] _blank link for agent website url
[New] Added “kosovo” in country list
[New] Plan text ( slogan ) option for top bar
[New] Transparent header border bottom option
[New] Image option for property area and property county/state
[New] Video loop option for splash page and video header
[New] Theme Options for advanced search bedrooms and bathrooms, also ability to add/search with decimals
[New] Ability to remove dark gradient overlay over the images
[New] Ability to enable/disable site breadcrumb
[New] Ability to disable agent forms
[New] Uploads images limit for add new property, now you can set how many image a user can upload when add new property
[New] Maximum file size limit for property images
[New] Keyword search field options, Search Title, content or address, zip, town etc
[New] Default country theme options
[New] List/Grid view option on halp map search
[New] Ability to remove bedrooms, bathrooms, garage, area size etc from front-end and backend add property page.
[New] Add New property fields required theme options
[New] added rel=”next” and rel=”Prev” for pagination according to google recommendation
[New] Password field option for user registration. Enable/disbale password field
[Fixed] added missing translation strings
[Fixed] RTL issue with visual composer full width row
[Fixed] Property taxonomise grids number of items to show
[Fixed] Retina logo problem
[Fixed] Location dropdown not work splash page
[Fixed] password field icon change from email to padlock
[Fixed] latest properties widget photo count
[Fixed] Advanced search dropdown z-index issue on parallax

Houzez v1.2.3 – Released on July 9, 2016

[New] Advanced search widget comma and dot thousand separator option.
[New] Open gallery popup on property detail page when click featured image.
[New] Search result page theme options, no sidebar, left sidebar, right sidebar, list view, grid view, enable/disable saved search.
[New] Website link, Instagram, pinterest, vimeo social icons for agent.
[New] Splash page logo link theme options, now can be choose custom link for splash page logo.
[New] Added list layout and 2 columns layout option in Properties VC module.
[New] Expired listings can be put live after re-payment.
[New] Different price options for for-rent and for-sale properties for advanced search widget price slider.
[New] Multiple cities option for properties on map.
[New] Registered user email theme options, now email subject and content can be change in theme options.

[Fixed] Front-end login and register problem which occurred after 1.2.2 update
[Fixed] Social Logins problem which occurred after 1.2.2 update
[Fixed] Content space issue in agent content bottom on property detail page.
[Fixed] Arrows hover background color for sliders next/prev buttons.
[Fixed] Load More button translation issue.
[Fixed] Parent page the breadcrumbs break.
[Fixed] Grid layout align on half map small screen.
[Fixed] Forgot password not sending email.
[Fixed] Fixed share string and min area, max area translation

[Updated] Advanced search keyword field now search address, street, town, zip.

Houzez v1.2.2 – Released on July 1, 2016

[New] Theme Options for property measurement unit, now it can be set globally
[New] Houzez login register plugin languages file
[Fixed] advanced search “Other Featured” color theme options
[Fixed] Header align issue in header version 4
[Fixed] Mobile Advanced search z-index
[Fixed] Property detail version 3 gallery direction on mobile
[Fixed] white space in property detail version 3 gallery
[Improved] Property detail popup slider

Houzez v1.2.1 – Released on June 30, 2016

[New] Houzez 07 and Houzez 08 one click demo import
[Updated] Revolution slider
[Fixed] Fixed echo query on result result page which occur in v1.2.0
[Improved] One click demo import

Houzez v1.2.0 – Released on June 30, 2016

[New] Paypal recurving payment options
[New] Stripe Payment
[New] Bank Transfer payment
[New] Contact Form 7 option to replace agent contact forms and all other forms
[New] Email Management in theme options
[New] IDX Template
[Fixed] Fixed google map API issue in Properties Custom Post Type
[Fixed] Sign In and Register button work on enter
[Fixed] Banner parallax fix screen issue up to 768
[Fixed] Modal z-index and sticky header z-index issue
[Fixed] Minor CSS issues
[Updated] Theme documentation

Houzez v1.1.1 – Released on June 27, 2016

[Fixed] Submit property map issue in front-end and back-end, now it required Google API to work

Houzez v1.1 – Released on June 19, 2016

[New] Transparent header
[New] Half Map listing page
[New] Nearby location on property map ( Hospitals, schools etc )
[New] Property detail page detail view options ( gallery, map, street view )
[New] Top menu bar, to show social links, contact info or menu
[New] Team shortcode
[New] City option for header map
[New] Google analytic code theme options
[Improved] Desktop menus and mobile menu colors options
[Improved] Footer colors options
[Fixed] Advanced Search other features view on mobiles
[Fixed] Advanced search z-index problem
[Fixed] Hover color on main menu submenu
[Fixed] Mobile menu colors
[Fixed] Minor css issue
[Updated] Theme documentation

Houzez v1.0 – Released on June 15, 2016

Initial release

Category: wordpress/real-estate

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