Magnium – Multi-Purpose Premium Responsive Magento Theme
Magnium is premium Magento theme based on Bootstrap based responsive theme which will enable to run store in any type of resolution without any issue. It’s extremely customisable using advance admin options, easy to install and easy to use for any type of e-commerce store.
Life time free updates and happy to hear your suggestion via supports to make this theme better.

Compatible with Magento: 1.7.x.x, 1.8.x.x, 1.9.x.x


General :

Code Standard : Fully Commented Code and follow 100% magento code standard so it’s easy to customize theme and install magento extension
Unmatched Support : Strong ticket system to track and solve your query or issue. 89% On time Resolution
Advance Admin Options : Tons of admin options. Settings and Options are categorised properly so easy to customise and maintain
Customizable Design : You can change visual appearance of the theme at almost every element

Theme Settings :

Header : We have settings for header like enable/disable side header, Sticky header settings,Serch woth category or not etc..
Menu : Mega Menu is a must-have for a dynamic and professional content showing-off. Here we have different type of common settings for topmenu like Menu in template width, Vertical menu, Accordian menu, Menu position, enable/disable home link.
Brand Slider : Magento Banner Slider is the easiest and most effective way to show a series of your images to grab customers’ attention at the very first moment they’re on your site.Here you can also manage to display brand slider on homepage or not, also set limit of brand to display.
Revolution Slider : Here you can manage different features tons of unique transition effects, an image preloader, video embedding, autoplay that stops on user interaction and lots of easy to set options to create your own effects.
Banner : Here you can set all the settings related banner slider like enable/disable banner,enable/disable fullscreen banner, banner position, banner width, banner breakpoint, banner with left and right cms block.
Product Slider : Product Slider is to showcase your product list in the most vivid and interactive way. Here you can set all the settings related slider of product like slide speed, autoplay, stop on hover, rawind nav, rewind speed, scrolling item, lazyload.
Product : Here you can set about each element of product to display or not also about to Ajaxcart, Alter image, Popup Message, Image aspect ratio, product border, sigle line product name
Category Page : Ability to change count of product per row, different category sidebar position,manage sub category listing or not.
Product View Page : Here you can set width of each column on product page to customize product page like you want also about to display each element like brandlogo, sku, instock label, emailtofriend link.
Testimonial/Blog Settings : Ability to display blog and testimonial block on left and right sidebar,also you can manage navidation style like naviagtion arrow or pagination.
Static Block Settings : Settings to display full width cms block when your page is set to 2 columns with sidebar also facility to display brand and bestseller block on left and right sidebar.
Footer : Here you can set about to display each block of footer also have option to set around spacing for each block.
Extra Settings : Here we have settings to set boxlayout, tooltip, backtotop button, rtl feature, custom css.

Theme Design :

Colors : Here you can change all the common color like button color, custom icon color or basic theme color which used in theme.
Background Options : Here you can change all the design settings related background of main layout like color, pattern, images.
Theme Fonts Settings : Here you can change font related settings like color, fonts, border for page title, Section title, body.
Header : Here you can change all the color and other settings for each section available on header like background, dropdown, searchbox, shopping cart, links and much more.
Menu : Ability to change colors of first level, second level, third level and fourth level menu also settings to change vertical menu , category label and much more.
Responsive Menu : here you can change all the color settings for mobile menu,also manage color for menu arrow and button.
Banner : Options to change title, content and button colors
Browse Our Category Options : Here you can manage category details page color settings.
Blog Options : Here you can change all the design settings related blog block background like color ,background color, pattern, images.
Testimonial Options : Here you can change testimonial block design settings like color ,background color, pattern, images.
Breadcrumbs : Here you can change colors of breadcrumbs like background, fonts, border.
Sidebar : Here you can change all the sidebar block content colors like background, title, fonts, link, border.
Tab Settings : Here you can change all the default color of tabs which available on homepage and product page.
Toolbar Settings : Here you can change color setting for view mode, pagination and sort by on category page.
Product : Here you can change colors of each element of product which display on frontend like background, addtocart button, product name, product price, addtolinks, label, slider arrow.
Footer : Here you can change all the color settings related of footer title, fonts, links, background, newsletter box.
Extra Settings :Options to change colors of Boxlayout, Social Links, Input Color, Tooltip, Backtotop button.

Layout Options :

Layout Customization : Enable to set full width layout or boxed layout. Admin can Create Unique Layout with the help of layout options
Responsive Fluid Grid : Enable to set On / Off Fluid Grid. If fluid will be enabled, theme will automatically set layout contents to use maximum space. If disabled, width will changed on break points
Customizable Responsive Layout : Select maximum width of the layout or specify your custom width

MegaMenu :

Megamenu Settings : Ability to change whole structure of megamenu using just admin options like we setup in our demo.

Banner Slider :

Banner Slider : Optins to change all the settings related banner slider like transaction effect, speed , autoplay, rewindnav, lazyload, navigation, pagination, banner content

Revolution Slider :

Revolution Slider : Manage different features tons of unique transition effects, an image preloader, video embedding, autoplay that stops on user interaction and lots of easy to set options to create your own effects.

Multi Product :

Multi Product : Options to display any type of product anywhere in frontend with different type of format like full.Also we can manage product by category slider.

Price Slider :

Price Slider : Options to set priceslider also toolbar and layered navigation with ajax.

Product Zoom :

Product Zoom : Ability to set different type of zoom features with lots of customizable options. You can see some demo of zoom functionality in our theme different demos.

Blog :

Blog : Integrated blog functionality with different customizable option which give you opportunity to communicate with your regular customers and casual visitors.

Import Default Theme Settings :

CMS Block : Ability to import all the theme default cms block.
CMS Pages : Ability to import all the theme default cms pages..
Banner : Ability to import all the theme default banner
Demo Settings : Ability to import all the theme demo settings and design related changes.

Demo Pages

Shop Categories

Category Grid
Category List
Category With Left Sidebar
Category With Right Sidebar
Category No Sidebar
Category 3Column
Category 4Column
Category 5Column
Banner Content Width
Banner Template Width
Banner Full Width

Product Demos

Simple Product
Simple Product With Option
Simple Product Tier Price
Simple Product Group Price
Configurable Product
Bundle Product With Price Range
Bundle Product With As Low As
Grouped Product
Downloadable Product
Virtual Product
Group Deal Product


About Us
Terms & Conditions
Contact us
Search Terms
Orders & Returns
Advance Search
Site Map

Blog Styles/Layouts

Blog Layout With Left Sidebar
Blog Layout With Right Sidebar
Blog Layout No Sidebar
Blog Style 1
Blog Style 2/a>
Blog Style 3
Blog Style 4


Homepage Layout 1
Homepage Layout 2 – Boxed
Homepage Layout 3
Homepage Layout 4
Homepage Layout 5
Homepage Layout 6 – Left
Homepage Layout 7 – Right
Homepage Layout – RTL

Product Page Layouts

Product Layout 1 / Default Tabs
Product Layout 2 / Vertical Tabs
Product Layout 3 / Horizontal Tabs
Product Layout 4 / Accordion Tabs With Content
Product Layout 5 / Accordion Tabs
Custom Tab/Product video

Header Styles

Header Layout 1
Header Layout 2
Header Layout 3
Header Layout 4
Header Layout 5

Product Zoom

Inner Zoom
Window Zoom
Lens Zoom
Scroll Zoom

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