Tiles HTML Theme is an animated grid-based theme, focused on content. It’s intended for a multi-authored blog.

Tiles was designed to be lightweight, interactive, and highly performant. jQuery isn’t even included!

As expected, all your content is SEO-optimized and fine-tuned for any device; include smartphones, tablets, laptops, retina screens, 5K monitors, and even TVs!

Tiles also comes packed with a dozen features that make Tiles theme truly unique:

Fully-functional Contact FormIn less than 10 seconds, you can have a fully-functional contact form that catches spam and self-validates!Cutting-edge AnimationsAs much as we all love animations, they can quickly become “overkill”. Not here! All animations are chosen carefully and will always run at a silky smooth 60 fps.Lightweight CodebaseTiles was designed with minimalism in mind! This means that your pages will download and display quickly. Your users will thank you, especially mobile users =]Thorough DocumentationTiles comes with extensive documentation, plus its source code is also well-commented to guide readers through each function. See something missing? Let me know!Syntax HighlightingWhat kind of developers would we be if we didn’t include top-notch syntax highlighting??? There are also multiple syntax themes included to choose from and customize.SASS StylesSASS allows for clear and concise organization of CSS through variables and mixins. This means that you can change the whole look with just a few values!Browserify ModulesAll of the JavaScript comes in clearly defined modules, which is an organization-lover’s dream! If you want to turn off or adjust a feature, you know exactly what module to tweak or remove.Included Build ToolsUnlike most themes, Tiles gives you the original source code and the original build tools used to create it! This allows you to develop and adjust Tiles with confidence.Google Maps IntegrationInclude maps wherever you’d like, even multiple on the same page, without adjusting a template file!Google Fonts IntegrationWant to change up the font styles? No problem. With Google Fonts, you can easily choose from hundreds of possibilities.Google Analytics IntegrationManaging page views can get a little tricky. Tiles has your back, Jack! Just inject your tracking code and Tiles will make sure no view goes unnoticed.Hi-Res SupportTiles was developed on 4K and 5K displays… every pixel is exactly where it’s supposed to be Fully ResponsiveIt won’t matter if your users are coming from iPads, Blackberries, or TVs … Tiles will ensure that your content displays perfectly.
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